garden mulch

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Soils – "Our Top Soil is Top Grade!"

  • screened topsoilScreened Topsoil – Clean, dark screened soil, no large rock; good for seeding, gardening and planting grass, trees or shrubs. Our Screened Topsoil is routinely tested and meets Maryland State Highway Administration specifications.
  • Regular, Unscreened Topsoil – Excavated soil, with some rock, root and clay
  • Enriched Topsoil – Screened topsoil, mixed with organically-enriched composted soil; great garden soil for planting and seeding and flower-beds
  • Fill Dirt – Sub-soil with rocks, roots and sticks; commonly used for filling in deep areas, backfilling, or raising the grade of an area. "Select Fill" for compaction, also available.
  • Ball-Diamond Mix – A special blend, just for infields


double shredded mulch Double-Shredded Mulch – Natural, shredded; mostly hardwoods; dark brown color
dyed mulch Dyed Mulch – Red or Black: Color – enhanced for long-lasting color
wood chips Wood Chips (playground mulch) – Frequently used for play areas and pathways


NOTE: Color consistency may vary slightly.

CR #6 stone CR#6 Stone – stone with crushed stone-dust (60% rock–40% powder) packs well; used in driveways (driveway stone), under pavers and patio block, and as fill material
#57 crushed stone #57 Crushed Stone – (white or blue-gray color) Washed stone; approx. ¾ to 1 ¼; good drainage material can be used, landscaping, under sheds or decks, or as bedding for pipe and French-drains
stone dust #10 Screenings (Stone Dust) – white or blue-gray colors available; good under patio block and for paver installation, stables, horse rings, tennis courts and bike trails

#2 crushed stone #2 Crushed Stone – (approx. 2” to 4”) Commonly used as a drainage material for landscaping projects; for septic systems and construction entrances
rip rap Rip-Rap – (approx. 8” to 15”) commonly used for erosion control and soil stablilization. Good for bulkheads and slope protection.
3/8 inch pea gravel 3/8” Pea-Gravel – rounded pebble in shades of tan, white and brown; can be used as landscaping stone for pathways, play areas, and dog runs

3/4 inch gravel ¾” Gravel – rounded stones in shade of tan, white and brown; may be used in gardens around plants or around pools, under decks, NOT recommended for driveway stone
red barn stone Red Barn Stone – (approx. ¾”) reddish- brown color; frequently used in flower beds for landscaping
river jack rocks "River Jack" Rocks – smooth, oval-shaped rocks in shades of brown, maroon, gray and tan; great for landscaping; decorative and low-maintenance


masonry (bank) sand Masonry (Bank) Sand – Fine grain sand, washed and screened to remove impurities; often used for mixing mortar, under pool liners and for play areas and sand boxes (pool sand)
concrete sand Concrete Sand – Coarse sand with tiny pieces of gravel; used for mixing concrete or for laying pavers, brick walk-ways or patios

Other Products

railroad ties Railroad Ties – used with creasote; good for retaining walls. Approx. dimensions: 8½’ X 7" X 9". Available for pick-up or delivered.
straw Straw (by the bale) – good for use when seeding and/or for temporary erosion control
sod Sod – Tall-Fescue Blend with some Kentucky Blue-Grass; our soil is cut fresh upon order and available by delivery only

Recycled Products – "Be Green!"

crushed concrete (CR6) Recycled Crushed Concrete (RC6) – Used for fill material or as a sub-base
asphalt millings Asphalt Millings – Used for fill material or as a sub-base