C.D. Thomas Co., Inc.


How much material do I need for my project?

Call our experienced sales representatives with your dimensions (length, width, depth OR diameter) and they will help you determine your project needs. You can also visit our Yardage Calculator page to calculate a rough estimate on your own.

How much material can I haul in my personal pick-up truck?

Most full size pick-up trucks can carry no more than 2,500 lbs, which approximately equals one cubic yard or 1.25 tons of material.

How far in advance do I need to place a delivery order?

We offer same-day and next-day service, whenever possible.

Where will you unload the material when you deliver it to my house?

Materials are typically unloaded on your driveway or curbside. Since our trucks are extremely large and heavy, they require a great deal of space to maneuver and must remain on a hard, solid surface at all times. Therefore, it is often difficult or impractical for our trucks to unload materials beyond your curb or driveway.

Can you unload the materials in my backyard?

It depends. We will consider a backyard delivery if there is an unobstructed pathway across hard, solid land. Our truck must be able to safely navigate to the dump site and unload materials without causing property damage. Please be advised, however, that even when the ground is firm, a truck may still leave imprints on your grass.

Our truck drivers are well-trained and highly experienced in evaluating your delivery options and will do so upon arrival.

Please note: If a backyard delivery is requested and approved, we require the homeowner to sign a liability disclaimer in advance and also be present for the delivery.

What size are your trucks?

We deliver in single-axle dump trucks that haul approximately eight to ten cubic yards (or 12 ton) of material. We also have a "baby" dump truck that hauls approximately half as much material.

How much space is required for your truck to deliver and unload materials?

The required clearance area depends on the size of the truck used for your delivery. Additional height is required at the dump site in order for the truck to raise its bed and unload your materials. Please see the Clearance Guide below for approximate measurements.

Clearance Guide

Standard Truck

Width: 10 ft. | Height: 10 ft. | Dump-site clearance height: 20 ft.

"Baby" Dump Truck

Width: 9 ft. | Height: 8 ft. | Dump-site clearance height: 14 ft.

How does the weather affect my delivery order?

We deliver rain or shine and our stockpiles are maintained so that dry products are always available.

Does someone need to be home for the delivery?

Not unless our truck must enter your property beyond its driveway to make the delivery. Our sales representatives can take your delivery instructions when you place your order.

How is payment handled for deliveries?

Cash or check may be tendered to our truck drivers at the time of delivery. You may also make a credit card payment by phone, prior to delivery. We accept all major credits cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express). Please contact one of our customer service representatives at (410) 335-5951 for payment assistance.